Do you have a lawsuit against a corporation, a bank, a lawyer, an insurance company, a broker, an employer or any organization or individual, in the USA or the UK and need a lawyer to act for you without having to pay them any fees?

Why pay a lawyer and take the risk.
Lawyers will work harder and faster if their fees depend on them winning the case.

Our service includes:
1. Action Lawsuits / Legal cases preparation:
We assemble documentation and prepare them to enable effective presentation to lawyers
2. Finding a suitable lawyer:
We find a suitable lawyer to take on the case on a no win no fee basis
UK (Conditional fee) & USA (Contingency fee)
3.Case follow up:
We follow up the case with you and the lawyer for as long as needed.

We provide a free initial assessment and we only take a small percentage of our fees at stage 1 and 2 above. We take the majority of our fees only when you win the case.

If you are interested please send us an outline of your case to:

The above only applies to lawsuits that fall under the jurisdictions of the UK or USA Courts .